Wait Right When You Are Waiting For One Whom You Love By Rev. Charity E. Sephus

In John 14:1-4, Jesus comforts the disciples saying: “Let not your heart be troubled; ye believe in God, believe also in me.  I go to prepare a place for you.”  [Don’t worry he’ll be back!]    

Jesus gave instructions to his disciples when he had to go away, saying wait for the promised Comforter. It was a time for them to display love, faith, obedience, and trust.  Thomas had to ask of course, what Jesus meant when he said, “you know the way”. Our parents left certain rules as they went to prepare a place for us as Jesus did for his disciples. We didn’t roam the neighborhood but one of my brothers was like Thomas and felt like the rules didn’t apply to him. Often our friends came over to play the way our older brothers and Father had taught us. (They made swings, teeter-totter, stilts, jumping board, hop-scotch, etc.)

Parents, like Jesus, prepare places for their families without discussing disparities. The race to meet Dad was to see what he had left in his lunch box and get the peanut patties he had bought for us.

My brother was like a little man and felt so in charge when our parents were at work. We learned to pay attention to things at home, leaving selfishness to make coming home pleasant for our parents. We were teens when we moved into our new home. Mother was pleased that we worked on getting settled while she was at work. I can still visualize her deep breath of relief the day she came home to find the curtains up and her room sharp, I loved making any little thing nice for her; I called her my “best friend”.

Father worked two shifts and often slept between shifts. We never bothered him with anything that we could figure out. He just went every day receiving a bonus each year for perfect attendance. It’s easier working for a family who shows that they care.

Mother left for work each morning dutifully after telling us what time she would be back. We prepared and waited in earnest anticipation for her to get home. There was comfort in just knowing that she would be home in the evening. When she returned, we didn’t make unnecessary noise after we gave her dinner, let her unwind, and give us instructions. We respectfully waited until she felt like communicating. At times when she fell asleep involuntarily, and if I had to awaken her, she opened her eyes and smiled. The guilt of disturbing her vanished as she smiled at me. Then we all sang till the power of the Lord came down.

It is time for us to display love, faith, obedience, and trust like the disciples did when Jesus went away. God our heavenly Father handles things that are out of reach like Jesus did for his disciples.