Holiday Travel With Ronda Guyton Travel Agency, Inc.

Welcome to your monthly edition of travel talk with Ronda Guyton Travel Agency, Inc.

Let’s talk about holiday travel.

Let your feet rest in the sand, let the sun rays warm you, and the margarita cool your insides. Yes, that is what the Midwest does not give you from November through late March. I love holiday travel but beware. It will not come without a cost.

Whenever you plan for holiday travel plan in advance, catch those 2018 deals for winter 2019. Give your self-space to save. The travel industry knows the “snow-birds” want sunrays and families want a beach when there is no school.

Consider renting a home through HomeAway or Innclusive, especially if you have several families and do not mind cooking. All-inclusive resorts are a great go-to for me. I have all men, and this allows them to eat, drink and be merry while I cuddle in a hammock with my favorite book and cocktail.

Be cautious of holiday scams. Make sure you book with a reputable travel professional, read the reviews and the fine print. If it is too good to be true, it is. Do not travel with your gifts in your checked luggage. Open gifts at home or when you return. If you must take gifts do not wrap them or check them. That screams “Take Me.” Purchase travel insurance especially if you live in the Midwest. Delayed flights due to weather or what airlines consider acts of God could leave you stranded with no recourse.

Most importantly this holiday season enjoy your family and friends. I will be in Jamaica then headed to California. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

When purchasing travel insurance, be sure to purchase through a reputable agent. Know the coverage for the state that you reside; coverage will vary by state. I use

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Travel is a lifestyle, enjoy!