Give the Gift of Possibilities By Robin Carter

It’s that time of year again-the winter Holidays are quickly approaching. There will be smiles, bursts of laughter and lots of love in the air, happiness and cheer to all. At least that’s how it should be. However, this special time of year may not be so cheerful for some. Not everyone will open their requested Christmas gift nor have anyone to share the smiles and laughter with. Yet, this Holiday season can be made special. If you are one of the fortunate ones and even if you’re not let’s try to reflect on all the things in life that deserve our gratitude and attention, whether it is our family, good health, friends or most importantly the One who made all things possible, God Himself. Before you gather around that beautifully decorated, shiny, and brightly lit Christmas tree take time to think about what matters most to you. Is it more important to receive all of your suggested gifts or to give to someone who may not have or received any at all?

Let’s offer support to those whose loads may be heavy to carry. Think about that woman with the four children whose husband is no longer present or that man who stands on the street corners holding a sign that reads, “Will Work for Food.” Are you afraid that if you give him money, he will not do the right thing with it? The truth is, it doesn’t matter whether he buys food with the money or not; if he states he’s hungry, and you provide the resource that he needs to get food then you have fulfilled your purpose. God will handle the rest. Have you ever given someone something that you know they needed? Isn’t that a great feeling? You can feel the electricity flowing from their heart to yours and vice versa. It is like a burst of energy, and it gets better when they are appreciative of it. This year let’s make it possible to provide food, clothes, and gifts for those who could use a helping hand. This Christmas let’s open our hearts and give the gift of possibility to those who may be less fortune than us.