Strive to Keep Your Integrity Intact By Katherine Young

Nowadays, everyone is on the grind, working to fulfill their own personal mission. Many believe that you have to crush others’ dreams in order to accomplish their own passions. Will you do “whatever it takes” to get where you desire?

There’s room for everyone to accomplish their God-given purpose. Don’t get set up to look like a fool or smear your good name by following ruthless tactics due to attaining wealth or a goal. In the heat of the moment of working diligently to be victorious on the mountaintop, don’t think you have to crush or even snap others’ necks to “make it.” Besides, who wants to be at the top alone?

Even with the benefits of networking, remember that God is the ultimate connector, and He will directionally align you to be in the right place at the right time with the right people if it’s in His will for your life. You won’t miss your blessings by sabotaging others.

Be encouraged. Life is a journey. It’s not a 100-meter dash; on the contrary, life is quite the marathon. Take time to enjoy your journey and embrace your purpose.