FASHION FORWARD – Welcome Back Fashion Logo’s By Meicka “J”

2018 is welcoming the Logo trend again. A popular 90’s trend is back with brands from Calvin Klein, to Gucci. Retail chains are following suit brands such as Champion, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger, have graced the sales floor with logos.

The trend has resurfaced due to reincarnation of 90’s fashion. Handbags were first, gracing the fashion scene with logos. Remember when logo sales declined due to lack of popularity about 10 years ago? Coach brand re-launched their signature “C” logo design as the logo trend is sweeping the fashion market. Since then many brands, have hired new creative directors which has resulted in a turnaround with sales. New designs and logos are consumer’s favorite.

From Gucci to Calvin Klein, fashion lovers are welcoming logo trends with welcoming arms. Younger consumers are embracing the logo trend as many view logos as self-expression. There are many brands that favor the millennial mindset when creating logos which are more youthful. It’s ultimately the consumers’ choice. Some prefer to showcase and some choose to keep it low-key.