CARTER AT LARGE – Is Fascism on the Rise? By Lorraine B. Carter

Lately, a television news show put forth the question, “Is Fascism on the rise in America?” No! Fascism has always been a thread in the fabric of American life. The ideology actually started in Italy during the early twentieth century and spread throughout the Western World and some Asian Nations. America’s racially oppressive laws were duplicated in Germany during the Fascist/Nazi reign of terror from 1933-1945. As a matter of fact, German Jurist came to America to study its racial segregation laws and the New York Bar Association indulged in providing them with all the comforts of home, including a thorough tutoring of America’s Jim Crow Laws.

Fascism/Nazism today is embraced by race hating youth, who blame black people for all the ills of American society that coupled with the tide of new immigrant’s, economic troubles, and loss of employment; has resulted in displays of anger and hatred. The movement seems on the rise with impetus coming from spoken words by the current American President, but can he be blamed for every Fascist/Nazi, Hitler loving Idolater, that has crawled out of the woodwork of late? Would these same people be willing to wear the brown shirts of Nazism, displaying the swastika, into America’s shopping malls; super markets, workplaces, and businesses? No, because it would be bedlam!

Erudite’s commingling their arguments for Fascism/Nazism in eloquent speeches and prose, have convinced many hard-line conservatives to embrace Neo-Fascism. Their cunning words bring the Nazi/Fascist out of the woodwork proclaiming their right to speak hatred. However, the leftist leaning youth today are fighting for new laws to prevent hate speech. The Ku Klux Klan, American Nazi Party, Posse Comitatus; and other ultra right groups are proclaiming their right to speak hatred. They want only the Caucasoid to live and breed in North America. They forget all races are migrants from Africa, and we all have the same blood.

People of various races agree that the free speech laws should be changed to abolish hate speech. This is a dangerous slope to be on, because who can say what is hate speech. Words can be wrapped around in eloquent phrases and never mention race, or hatred; can that be considered hate speech as well? The N-Word is used frequently in Rap music, should it be banned? If you call yourself the N-Word and consider it free speech, is it free speech when white people parading use the N-Word? Freedom of speech is a sacred right! One thing that goes with freedom of speech is responsibility and another is your right to walk away when you hear hate speech. Wouldn’t it be a shock and disappointment to a group of Hitleresque Fascist if they were screaming hatred at the top of their bombastic voices and nobody was standing around to hear them? Complete silence from the opposing side?

Young people who call themselves Fascist/Nazi’s, have no idea of the vicious and evil atrocities perpetrated against the Jewish people and other’s during the barbarous years of the thirties and forties in Nazi Germany. If they could see the savages perform their horrific acts on the Jewish people, they would run, not walk away from the Fascist/Nazi’s. These precious years of the young should be enjoyed, with love, and kindness; not wasted on Nazism’s failed dream of a Third Reich and a failing dream of a Fourth Reich. Fascism is not rising, but due to Media coverage it seems as if it is growing; it is only copy cat mania that propels these youth into misanthropy!