Where did the bullies in your life go? – Carter At Large By Lorraine B. Carter

Were you bullied in school and still hurting from it? Do you wonder where your bully is today? Well, they most likely transpired to the professions, became community activists, entrepreneurs, or the folks next door. They might be sitting next to you in church, or married into your families. Bullies don’t disappear, some change over the years to become loving parents and law-abiding citizens. Most don’t remember their victims, but when they do, they have no memory of their odious actions.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your bully came to you and apologized for their detestable behavior in the past, which caused you major nerve quivering, anxiety, and self-doubt? If that were to happen, you could grow back your bit-off nails and would be the cool dude in that clique. So, right now you have to contend yourself with knowing you’ve gotten over your bully and reached adulthood without committing a villainous act.

Confrontation, that is one way to deal with a bully, just walk right up to them and try to discuss the problem. You might come away with a couple of black eyes, but at least you will have known you were the bigger person. There were other ways if the bully put their hands on you, some mother’s would tell you to fight back or you would get a whipping from them. That might have been a questionable tact to take, but at least the bully thought about it before coming after you again.

One thing’s for certain, you have to figure out how to handle the bully in your life and come out of it unbroken, unafraid, self-confident, and ready to tackle the next hurdle in your life.