Want to throw a “Trunk Party”? – Impressive Diva Solutions By Michelle D. Danage-Sanders

I know some of you are saying what is a Trunk Party?  Well, trunk parties are used as a send off for college students, when a person is moving away, as an event for a party or an alternate for Halloween parties.  Trunk party is derived from having to carry items in a trunk.  Now you can formally invite people to come and even let them know what you would like them to bring. Gather a few friends and have them bring items that the student or person needs.  If it’s an in-door party, you can easily get a large trunk, laundry basket or suitcase and have everyone contribute an item to fill up the trunk.  Items for the college-bound student would be toilet paper, paper towels, bath and hand towels, soaps (bath, laundry or dish), and snacks.

Perhaps you want to do a Trunk Party as a Back 2 School Event in your neighborhood.  Gather your neighbors, ask them over to your home, line up the cars, open your trunks and fill them with school supplies.  Some will bring paper, rulers, glue, crayons and much more!

Other party ideas would be to Trick or Treat out of your trunk. This can be done at the park or in your neighborhood.  Everyone can fill their trunks full of candy and give-away items.

For those who want to expand their business or boutique try doing a Trunk Show to expand your business and showcase new items. Most Trunk Shows can be held anywhere like dance studios, spas, art galleries, music venues, an office building just to name a few locations.  What better way to set-up a pop-up store.  Set-up a Facebook page about your event and where you will be in the community.  Email your customer base to come out to see your items and other small businesses arts, crafts and merchandise.  Have a few pop-up tents on hand with trunks or suitcases as your display case. Quick, easy and low-overhead cost and could be a great opportunity for Peoria’s Black Friday’s for small businesses. 

Well, now you have a few ideas for Trunk Parties.  I hope you found the information helpful and have you ready to host your own Trunk Party whether for your college student who is headed off to school, for those getting the kids ready for back to school or for that business that is trying to grow their client base.  Make sure to plan and have fun!

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