300-Geraldine Godfrey headshotcolorAuthor Geraldine Murrell-Godfrey shows that even a ‘praying’ Christian woman who faithfully served as a prison religious volunteer for years is not exempt from the tentacles of the criminal justice system, when her oldest son took a minor detour which had a major impact on this mother’s life. Murrell-Godfrey is very transparent in her feelings from the first alarming phone call from Illinois all the way to her jailhouse visit, bench trial, sentencing day, prison visits, release day, parole and beyond.

Approximately 2.3 million people are presently incarcerated in the United States alone. Why did her son have to end up in that number? One son just finished law school and is newly practicing law and the other son just broke the law—same DNA. She’s married, educated, middle class, loves the Lord and yet this happened to her household!

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 Mother of a Prisoner is a compelling memoir and is a must read. It’s informative, passionate, and an eye opener to what really happens to those mothers left behind. Everybody knows of somebody that is either currently or has been incarcerated and this topic affects millions of households.

She is the Mother of a Prisoner and this is her story.

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