1000 Cases of Water for Flint Michigan

Two Peoria Area Businesses Teamed up with The Willie Wishes Foundation of Chicago to Help Raise 1000 Cases of Water for Flint, Michigan

300-Flint Water crisis1
Pictured L to R: Bianca Allison, son Omari J. Willis Jr., Ariana Hawk, Nawana Daurham, City Leader Doe, Alecia Collins and Steve Collins.

On June 1, 2018, the Willie Wishes Foundation of Chicago, operated by the founder Nawana Daurham and Co-founder Bianca Allison who were still upset on the long drawn out controversy of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, eagerly stepped up to assist the community with water donations and also to encourage the city that there is still hope.

Flint, Michigan has had water issues since April 2014 when the city’s mayor unjustifiably made changes to the city’s water source, due to budget cuts, which have caused residents to be exposed to contaminated water and high levels of lead. This water crisis lasted as long as four years before city officials reverted back to Lake Huron who supplied Flint in the past. With the water supplier being changed back after four long years, Flint Michigan residences are still exposed to contaminated water from the water line pipes storing corrosion, lime and calcium build up. Families of Flint, Michigan are continuously in need of clean water.

The Willie Wishes Foundation teamed up with Alecia Collins of Lady A Entertainment and Keevin Washington owner of Harold’s Chicken #41 both of Peoria to help raise 1000 cases of water for Flint residences and were delivered on July 22, 2018. Alecia Collins and Nawana Daurham were able to connect with Flint’s City Activist Ariana Hawk, who has been actively involved in the water crisis movement. She has also asked people to donate and to visit Flint and hear people’s stories on how this crisis has affected their health and lives.

On July 22, 2018 Nawana Daurham, Bianca Allison, Alecia Collins, Steve Collins and Omari J. Willis Jr. transported 700 cases of water to Flint, Michigan by U-Haul; many individuals, organizations and businesses have donated water and continue to help raise awareness. Please help make a difference in Flint Michigan by contacting Ariana Hawk on Facebook.