Vacation Wear By Meicka “J”

As summer begins to heat up fashion gets turned up a notch. Summer is highly favored for road trips and vacations. One thing that takes a lot of time is packing essentials and packing the right essentials. How many of us are guilty of packing and re-packing our luggage?

I used to be guilty of over packing. It was nothing for me to over pack and barely meet weight requirements for my luggage when checked at the airport. Do you really want to be seen as the person over-packing AKA/doing too much? Some airlines charge up to $100 for over-packing. I realized that it is more important to be comfortable than cute. I always pack a few sundresses, Bermuda shorts, jumpsuit, t-shirts, sandals, lightweight sneakers, and lounge wear. I travel with travel size hygiene products and will replenish at a local convenience store if needed.

My goal is to be able to only travel with a carry-on. The lounge wear comes in handy for the travel days, and the sundresses can be rotated for casual and dressy wear. On the days you just want to lounge without getting fully dressed that’s when lounge wear and shorts with t-shirts come in handy. If you plan to vacation near a beach, most likely, it will be too hot during the day to be fashionable. Flip flops, shorts, and t-shirts will become your best friend on beach days. If you want to add “spice” to your look, add a drawstring ponytail and paint your nails a vibrant color.

These are just tips I’ve learned while on vacation. You will find comfort to be the most important factor besides having a good time. Pack light!