Local Dance Team Performed in Pre-Game Entertainment for WNBA in Indianapolis

The EXPLOSIVE GEMS, a new Majorette Dance Team in Peoria, under the leadership of Ms. Diane Hines, had the opportunity to perform for the pre-game entertainment for the WNBA INDIANA FEVER vs. PHOENIX MERCURY in Indianapolis, IN on July 29. The team, in existence for two years this past June has a total of 32 girls and two young men. The Fever game was the last performance of their four-city, three-state June Tour. In their two-year existence, The Gems have entered five competitions and have received five 1st Place Trophies, six 2nd Place and three 3rd Place Trophies and Awards. Their season has ended for this year. The team would like to take this opportunity to thank Peoria and surrounding areas for sponsorships and donations.

Tryouts for next season will begin September 10-14, 2018 at 4-6:30 pm at The Nannie Johnson Community Center (former Kingman Primary School) 3129 N E Madison Ave. For more information please contact Ms. Diane Hines at (309)219-5210.