Chronicles Of The Bynum Bond – There’s No Support Like Family Support By Breona Bynum

If you have a family that supports your dreams and goals, do not take it lightly that they want to see you succeed. I am humbly appreciative of my family support—especially the love and encouragement received from my husband and sons. After working a long day at the salon, my boys greet me and ask about my day. If I am too tired, they encourage me to take a day off.

Just recently, we took a ten-hour trip so that I could learn more about the hair industry. They didn’t complain one bit and were happy to be there with me. My husband and I usually take turns driving on long trips. On this occasion, he asked me to pull over because I was driving too slow and said we would never make it at that pace! For him to have a determined spirit to ensure we got to our destination in a timely manner is a true example that he cares about my dreams and goals.

In the same way, the desires of my husband are a concern for me, and I take time to pray for him and that God shows him favor. It’s the same for my children too. We work hard to be kind to one another and to challenge each other to be accountable for our actions regarding our purpose and passions. In our home, we have a jar where we leave messages for each other. We do this on a daily basis. Not only is it a nice gesture, but it really keeps us connected and united as a family unit.

Thank God for my husband and sons. Before we even got married, he supported my goals 100%, and he always holds me accountable and tells me the truth all of the time—no sugar-coating! I know he does it in love, and the advice he gives me is only confirmation because I really don’t know how else he would know this advice if he didn’t pray about it first. My husband is my business partner because he prays for me, and God gives him wisdom to impart regarding my life and business and other areas of my life. I am thankful for a godly husband.

I pray that you are surrounded by friends and family who are sincere supporters and can pray with you, be real with you when you most need it, and have no hidden agenda when supporting you. I pray that you can share the same traits for someone else. Remember: in a marriage, when one wins, you BOTH WIN!