The Return of the Biker Shorts By Meicka “J”

I know many may not be a fan of biker shorts returning, but they were one of the major trends of the late 80’s to early 90’s. Paired with t-shirts and underneath bottoms were popular style choices. Shorts made out of spandex are made for comfort and were best paired with chunky sneakers, and fanny packs, known as a trend of the past. Within the last few years fashionistas have been embracing body-con material from mini dresses to biker shorts. Some of us admit to using biker shorts to battle the “chub rub” of thighs rubbing together during warmer months. These shorts are often worn under dresses and shorts during warmer months and become quite friendly when walking excessively. The longer and higher waist ones fit best. The few that I’ve seen in stores appear to be versatile as you can dress them up with a tunic top and heels or opt for the casual look paired with T-shirts and sneakers. These shorts are appearing in most stores as you read. I think these will be embraced but may need additional time to get used to. Honestly, these are no different from leggings, and the same fashion rules should apply!