Let’s Talk About Happy Hair! Breona Bynum: Natural Bre Stylist

As a stylist, I often get asked what clients can do to have healthy hair. Ladies (and men), sometimes some of the simplest techniques are the best remedies for healthy hair. My main focus is healthy hair care. I like every client to have a cute hairstyle, but most importantly, HEALTHY HAIR should be one’s first concern. Let’s be honest: you won’t be able to have a cute hairstyle if you don’t have any hair, right? I’m sure one would argue that’s why weaves exist, but every woman wants to enjoy their own hair at some point.

Here are a few tips I want you to consider to benefit your hair:

  • Think about healthy hair care FIRST before the style. I know we love to look at other people’s hairstyles, browse online or even in magazines to get ideas for our next style, but ask yourself a few questions beforehand: have you been keeping your own hair moisturized on a regular basis? Is your hair thick enough/strong enough for the style? What will it take to maintain the style? Does the style fit the shape of your head? Do you have any edges for the style? Or is this a style that’s cute on someone else and you need to move on to something else? Don’t get offended: be honest with yourself!
  • Are you eating and drinking the right things to create a healthy balance for your hair? Healthy hair is NOT all about the outside—it’s also about what you are putting inside of your body. It is a necessity for you to drink water and eat fruits and vegetables to bring life to your hair. If you are constantly eating junk, then you are not energizing your body or your hair, which then leads to your hair and scalp being dry and dull. Eating healthier will not only be good for your body, nails, and skin, but your hair will thank you and you will see a more positive difference by adjusting your diet.
  • BE CONSISTENT. I encourage all of my clients that if they are consistent in their hair routine, they will be certain to achieve their hair goals (i.e. hair growing longer, edges growing back in, etc.). It may take some time in the initial stages to keep a routine, but it will be worth it when you begin to train your hair for success. One of the most important factors in being consistent is that your consistency and regimen may look totally different from another person. Stay in your own hair lane! Everyone has different hair textures (sometimes more than one), and there may be different products that work better on one’s hair than another. Most importantly, you also have to be very honest with yourself: if you know that you have damaged your hair due to constant abuse, you cannot assume a hair stylist will change into a MIRACLE MAKER and all of a sudden, all of your hair will grow back. Educate yourself with what you have and then strive to do better. In addition, if you take medicine, find out what the effects of the medicine will do to your hair, and if there are natural alternative methods available, consider those and consult with your healthcare provider—and Jesus, because with Him on your side, miracles CAN occur!

I hope that you enjoyed reading about these tips. Here’s to happy and healthy hair!

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