All Bundled Up By Meicka “J”

How many of us have been “duped” out of money for hair that is supposed to be of great quality? Does your Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair actually come imported? Many hair vendors boast the hair they sell is imported from these countries. The hair trade is a growing business. It’s a billion dollar industry. The most sought-after bundles are the raw Indian hair. Indian hair is more expensive than Asian hair. Asian hair is rumored to be coated with silicone, so it appears silky and smooth, but after a few washes it becomes tangled. Quality is rated by grade; the lower the grade number, the poorer the quality. Indian hair that is unprocessed (no chemicals) and raw doesn’t tangle. It comes in natural off-black color. It is light, full of body and soft. The cuticles flow evenly, and no texture is the same.

I know after spending my hard-earned coins on poor quality hair in the past, I’m hesitant about many self pro-claimed hair vendors. I enlisted the help of a former classmate to educate me on hair. Tameka (Tam) Hollie is the owner of Lady Lyke Hair and is a licensed hair stylist. Originally from Peoria, Illinois, she moved to Atlanta, GA in 2009 where she manages her business. What interested her in the “Bundle Business” is the same thing most of us experienced with poor quality hair being sold. Tam recalls buying bundles of hair every few weeks for $180 a bundle. “That was too much,” she exclaims. She began researching on where to find quality hair at affordable prices. In September 2017, she traveled to New Delhi, India. Yes, India! She met with a vendor directly and hand selected kilos of the finest bundles from the temples of India to sell on hand. Hair per bundle ranges from $95-165; inches start at 12-26 inches; 28-30 inches can be ordered by request for an additional cost. Tam reports that these bundles are full and two bundles should suffice for most. Bundles are on hand, so that means no waiting. Hair bundles can be purchased from her website Tam’s advice to others is “Invest in yourself!”