Is a Co-Op Grocery Store Needed On the Southside of Peoria? – Carter At Large By Lorraine B. Carter

A food desert exists on the Southside of Peoria since Kroger’s left the area. It is now up to the citizens to provide for themselves. This new era in America is asking each person to give of themselves and work for the larger community. So, what better opportunity than to establish a Co-Operative Grocery Store, it is not so hard to do. What’s needed is a core group of people dedicated and passionate about creating the food Co-Op.

There have been town hall meetings with the public concerning the Kroger closing and up to date negotiations with Kroger and other stores. Meetings have been held to provide transportation for shopping at other stores. Those discussions have resulted in Citylink, the Dream Center, and area churches providing transportation for the Southside and East Bluff shoppers to supermarkets. More information is available on the City of Peoria website or by calling 494-2273.

Is a Co-Op Grocery Store needed on the Southside of Peoria, Illinois? The answer is a resounding yes! There are enough people interested, to make it a venture of success. People are meeting to date, making plans for the Co-Op grocery store. An elderly woman asks, “Are we going to have a Co-Op grocery store here on the Southside. The answer given, “we can if people get involved by becoming committed, dedicated members of like mind.”