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‘2018 Wedding Ideas and Trends’ Impressive Diva Solutions By Michelle Sanders

Ok brides, you have your dress selected, the bridal party chosen, the date confirmed, the pastor in place and now it’s time to plan your reception. Here are a few tips and trends for 2018.

One thing that seems to be trending is greenery added to your reception. As mentioned in my last article on planning a “Royal Wedding” theme, adding greenery to your wedding would give it flare. Well, the same goes for your reception, especially for outdoor or tented receptions.

Another idea is adding balloons; a wedding is a celebration you know. We all associate balloons with birthday parties, but it is also another and perhaps an inexpensive way to decorate your venue and still make it glamorous.

Couples now have other options for party favors these days with more meaningful take-a-ways like lipsticks for the ladies when they have to visit the bar a few times and for the guys, small sip stations of rum. Another nice trend is having a photo booth so guest can have fun, memorable takeaways.

Non-traditional wedding venues are becoming popular such as libraries, barns, large homes with large backyards and riverfronts.

Last, the color trend for 2018 – Ultra Violet. These are just a few ideas that are trending in 2018 that you might want to try to save money, trend in style or just because. Have an “Amazing” time planning and enjoying your wonderful day! Toodles! Follow Impressive Diva Solutions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.