CHRONICLES OF THE BYNUM BOND By Larry and Breonna Bynum Marriage Make-over

Total marriage make-over… one day I was sitting reflecting on our marriage, and thinking about how my wife could do things better. God asked me something that I would never forget: He asked, “Have you changed?” I started to think about whether I had changed and in my mind, I felt certain that in some ways, I had.

As a man, instead of pointing fingers towards your other half and focusing only on what they need to work on, it’s important to look within yourself. In God’s eyes, it was revealed to me that I had room for change. It’s all about growing. At times, men feel like we don’t have anything to change, but in reality, we usually have the most to change. In our mind, we are “perfect” because we come home every night and we go to work every day.

Where the change that really needs to take place is in your heart and mind, putting your focus on Him, and surrendering everything to Him. “Acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path…”; unfortunately, our pride gets in the way, and we feel like we are better than God. Sometimes as men, we feel because “we the man,” no one can tell us anything.

Let me be the first to share that’s not true. When you give your “ALL” to God, He will surely show you things that will bring up such an awe within you, and it will humble you in so many ways. I’m so grateful for His word, love, grace, and mercy. God knows what is best for us because, in reality, He is the one who created us. We have to wholeheartedly trust Him so we can be the men He has caused us to be. We can be the example for our families and community.