Change By Kaye Bell

Changes in life can sometimes be good, or on the other hand, it could be bad. Making choices requires us to think clearly and weigh the negative and the positive of our circumstances. We must pray and choose wisely. Change is not always easy. It is when you become comfortable and familiar with your surroundings that it’s harder to even think about it. Seasons change and life moves on.

How do we adjust to change? As the summer season is different from the winter season, there are physical and mental adjustments made. In the summer, we are wearing our swimsuits and shorts, in the winter; we wear coats, hats, and boots. So it is with the change of life. Whatever it may be, let us adjust so that we may continue to learn at a different level. Embrace the good, learn from each experience and grow to be the best that you can be, even in change.