Any Day Now By Robin Carter

It was that special day that the Lord exalted Joshua in the sight of all of Israel; and they stood in awe of him all the days of his life, just as they had stood in awe of Moses (Joshua 4:14 NIV). In a number of ways, the preparation for the invasion and the conflict that lay before Joshua and the people of Israel was at hand. It was significant that this preparation preceded out of the mouth of God. He spoke and commissioned Joshua (1:1-5) then He called him to be strong and courageous, and with this, Joshua spoke to the people and gave them instructions for preparing to cross the Jordan River in three days. God’s Revelation should always be followed by a response that is in keeping with His word. After the Death of Moses, the Lord said to Joshua, “My servant is dead now therefore you must arise and cross the Jordan, you and all the people to the Land where I am given them and the sons of Israel. He said, “every place on which the sole of your foot treads, I have given to you just as I spoke to Moses. From the wilderness and as far as the Great Sea toward the setting of the sun will be your territory, and no man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life. He said, “just as I have been with Moses, I will be with you and will never fail or forsake you.”

I love the promise that God gave to Joshua. He said today I will begin to make you great in the eyes of all the Israelites. Basically He was saying, today I’m going to start releasing more of My favor, My blessings and My increase to you (paraphrasing). Henceforth, there was a set time that God began to release favor to Joshua in a whole new way. People of God, he wants to do the same thing for you. He wants to release His blessings and favor in such a way that it will make you great in whatever you do. He is saying to us what He said to Joshua. He says “any day now” I will close doors that no man can open and open doors that no man can shut. There is a set time of God’s favor. Get Ready! Get ready! Get ready! Make room in your thinking, change your mindset, stay open to Him and keep an attitude of faith and expectancy because this day God wants to overwhelm you with His blessings and favor. It is His set time to change your whole life beyond what you could ever believe is imaginable. Ask yourself, am I bringing my best to the Lord? Sometimes we may need to pause just to see how we’re doing in the preparation for this new life. First, take a look at where you were in the past, and then prepare yourself for Gods’ great blessings. Preparation takes time and intention, and transformation can be like a marathon, not just a sprint. So let’s get prepared for “any day now.” Your whole life could change.