Natural Remedies to Keep Sickness at Bay By Katherine Young

As the children are getting accustomed to being in school and the season is transitioning from summer to fall, now is a great time to review natural ways we can keep sickness away from our homes and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. I have never been a fan of taking over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and would always look to find a natural way of dealing with any sickness such as a cold, strep, or allergy issues. In the past, I would give my children different OTC medicines to help them with allergies or a cold but in the end, it would appear as though their bodies adjusted to the doses and positive change did not occur because of the medicines they took.

After much research, my husband and I agreed to try to focus as much as possible on using natural products from the Earth. Besides, the pills that are being engineered are just copying Mother Nature, so it only makes sense to use resources from the original source, right?

One natural resource that we love using in our household is honey. There are so many benefits to using honey. If you can find a local honey in your area, it is very helpful to swallow a tablespoon at least once a day to prepare your body for the changing seasons and to help alleviate some of the issues you may experience, especially with seasonal allergies. Local honey is adapted to the region you live in and can help your body combat what is common in your environment. All honeys are not equal! Be sure to read all the ingredients and it’s beneficial if you can invest in organic honey or local honey in your region.

Honey also helps children over the age of one with upper respiratory tract issues such as a cold. Drinking hot water with lemon and honey thirty minutes before bed can bring much relief to a little one’s body versus. In addition, there is even a natural honey cough syrup that is very effective by the name of Zarbee’s that can be bought at Target or other stores.

At the end of a busy workday or just because, you can easily find my family relaxing with a hot cup of tea lightly sweetened with honey. Honey never spoils and it has so many benefits. I encourage you to take the time to research more about the benefits of honey; it only makes sense to reap the benefits of Mother Nature’s natural resources.

Note: This article is written based on the author’s existential experiences. The author does not claim to be a medical doctor.