Women Strength By Robin Carter

What greater feeling can a woman encounter than from a sincere compliment from another woman? Sometimes we as women can be very private in many ways and often times this privacy may impede us from experiencing the true depth of our lives. It can also create a trust issue. If a woman feels that she cannot trust other women she may be reluctant to share any knowledge she possesses with them. Having the opportunity to speak into the lives of another is one of many great gifts and privileges we may have as humans. Considering we may not always get the chance to share our gifts with others we need to cherish every opportunity given to us. If you are a woman, ask yourself, can I benefit or gain anything from hearing a word of encouragement or concern from another woman? Admiring another woman’s strengths and just being there to reach others in times of weakness can help us all to come out as stronger individuals. We need to stand with each other, not against each other otherwise we are fighting the wrong battle. Strong women tend to build other women up opposed to tearing them down; they realize that one woman’s success can be an inspiration for the other. Therefore, it is easy to distinguish them when you come in contact with them. We should never find ourselves thinking negative thoughts about another woman regardless of her situation or status. Give her reasons that she should feel good about herself; this could make a significant difference. We may not always understand the reason behind their actions, but we should never pass judgment on anyone.

It was a genuine pleasure to attend the First Annual Women Empowerment Seminar and Luncheon presented by T and A Entertainment and be in the company of Keynote/Guest Speaker Vivica A. Fox as well as other dynamic women on July 22, 2017, at the Travel Lodge Hotel. She is an American Actress, a Producer, and a Television Host. She began her career with roles on the daytime television soaps, “Days of Our Lives” and “Generations.” She has starred in several movies since that time. Vivica took us step by step through her life as it began after graduation from High School. She expressed how her goal of becoming an actress has become a great success for her. She also mentioned how life’s “stumbling blocks” are put into place to hinder your success, but one must be willing to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She encouraged the women to believe in themselves and always strive for the better things in life.

Other local speakers included: Tina Hopson, Molly Crusen-Bishop, Bernice Gordon-Young, Renee Andrews, Gi Gi Gibson, Chama St. Louis, Michelle Sanders, Christy Taylor, Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, Janice Parker and Donna Watson. Each of these women presented both inspirational and powerful messages to women of all walks of life. The messages they shared released hope, faith, and strength to endure life’s obstacles. We must not be afraid to stand together when things get tough, yet we must lift each other up when the other is in need and embrace the moments. Whether you are an “empowerment speaker” or the person receiving the empowerment, remember both parties can benefit from it. Life is not as difficult when we have a female role-model to look to. When women truly support one another, amazing things occur, and life seems more promising.