Organizing an A+ Conference By Michelle D. Sanders, Impressive Diva Solutions

Planning a conference for the fall? Here are a few tips on organizing a successful event.

Have a Budget. It could be very difficult to plan a great event without one. Don’t plan without knowing your cost of the event.

When promoting your event know how to market using social media, PSA’s, news editors, local news, radio and your largest plug the speakers themselves. Develop a marketing plan. Use a timeline to make it easier on yourself! My favorite type of marketing is to always go “Live” on Facebook and Instagram as you ramp up the event.

The use of vendors is a great way to promote your speakers or their business. Vendors also provide the community with additional resources and added income for your event. Just a reminder; this is an additional money stream, not the Money Stream.

Classic Tips:

Sponsorship – when you seek sponsors make sure that you have the right sponsor for your event. Offer a variety of sponsorships. Promote various levels and always give recognition to that sponsor with lots of impressions of their logo.

Multiple Conference Tracks – one of the favorites for conferences is multiple tracks. Try (4) four at a time on various topics and have your attendees select the tracks they want to attend. I have attended these types of conferences, and when I can cater the conference to my needs, it is always beneficial. Another favorite is panel tracks. Have four (4) panelists speak on one topic and have a Q&A with the attendees. This is one way to engage with those who attend your event and make a good impression on them to come again. Then assemble everyone back to hear the Keynote speaker.

Speaker equipment – make sure to ask your speaker what type of audio equipment they will need and have a dry run on the sound equipment the day before and the day of the event. If possible use a sound engineer.

Appreciate your Speakers – always show love for your speakers with a small token of appreciation and shout outs on social media.

Committees– have a planning committee and debriefing committee to help make your event/conference a successful one. Try and plan these types of events six (6) months to a year in advance. Then as soon as you wrap up the event start to debrief and plan for next year.

Remember “Don’t do too much, too late.”

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