What Are You Saying To Yourself? By Geraldine Murrell-Godfrey

I am my own worst critic and I am my own best cheerleader. This is not an oxymoron. Who is going to correct me in those deep seated areas where I am vulnerable and uncertain? Me. That’s who. Who’s going to encourage me when others desert me, throw in the towel and count me out? Me. As the psalmist David said in the bible, I will encourage myself. The bible is loaded with scriptures and stories that zero in on the inner man (person). One scripture states that whatsoever a man sayeth (continues to say) in his heart—so is he. This is powerful! We can rightly conclude that if you continue saying and believing something about yourself, be it positive or negative, uplifting or degrading, then that is what(who) you are and that is what you will have.

You can change your life by changing your words. Isn’t that good to know? By changing my words I can change my life. That’s worth tweeting #CHANGEMYWORDSCHANGEMYLIFE. Now it does not say whatever ‘people’ say about you or to you. It states what you say to yourself. In one of the bible stories, Jesus asked the disciples who do men say that I am? Then afterwards he asked them whom do YOU say that I am? We have got to do better job saying the right things to ourselves. If I’m unemployed and every day I keep saying they won’t hire me because of this or because of that, you will stay depressed and most likely will not get hired. But turn it around and say “I am the right person for this job because…….” This will be the week that I get that call. Even as you fill out applications online or in person, keep saying I can do this job; I’ve got the skills for this job; I can learn this job and I want this job. The next statement may not apply to everybody, but I always thank God for the open door and the opportunity to apply. I begin to Thank God for the favor during the interview. You have got to get that conversation going down on the inside of you.

For too long people have allowed other people’s opinions to dictate their very lives and drive them away from their destiny. Motivation is an inside job. No one can motivate you. Even a motivational speaker can only stir up things that are already down inside of you. They may set a spark off, but it is up to you to light that fire.

There comes a time when everyone must have a good conversation with themselves. Examine yourself. What am I good at? Why should that company hire me? What do I bring to the table? What do I enjoy doing and if I could, I would do it for free? When you can answer that question you will know your purpose in life.