Non-Voter’s Have Left the Nation in Shock By Lorraine B. Carter

Just one vote, separated a winner from a loser in the last Primary election in Peoria. That was shameful. People are in a tizzy, because some people didn’t exercise their right to vote. A lot of citizens are so disappointed with today’s politicians they have lost their confidence in the voting process and politicians. Their needs have been ignored through election after election, sending the same politicians to office. Most complaints are the same;“The politicians are in the political arena for themselves.” “They go into a political office with few assets and come out rich men and women.” “It is known most politicians hope to stay in office long enough to collect a significant pension, including health benefits.”

Very often, those seeking plush pensions end up becoming career politicians and they lose touch with the people they are supposed to represent and serve. However, there is no excuse for not voting. The non-voter is like the puppy turning around and around in circles trying to catch his tail. Many reasons exist in the mind of a non-voter, but none of their reasons make sense.

So, the person who chose not to vote can watch a few more years go by that they had no voice in. They can look in the mirror and see the reason our country is in desperate times. Yes, you are guilty of disrespecting your future and the future of generations to come, because you were too lazy to go to the poll’s and vote.

You are now a “no” voter, disrespecting of your own citizenship. It has been said the non-voter is the loudest voice in any discussion when it comes to complaining about conditions in America. You, dear sir/madam have lost your right to complain about anything politicians are doing in our nation!

Those of us, who went to the polls and voted for our choice of leader’s for various offices, might not be happy with the winners, but at least we showed up to exercise our right many suffered and died for. We tried to put whom we thought would best represent our frame of mind and work for us to have a better future. We didn’t shy away from our responsibilities by running in circles after our own tails like the puppies!