We’re All In This Together By Robin Carter

After a bruising presidential election, some Americans believe that this country is more deeply divided on major issues than it has in the past. Many are dissatisfied with the way the democracy is working in the United States, while others believe that Republicans should make an effort to include Democratic policies in the legislation that they pass, rather than sticking to a GOP-driven agenda. Other viewers believe that Donald Trump’s win means that he is mandated to pursue the agenda that his supporters are in favor of. But regardless of the situation that results from all of this, we must remain steadfast and trust and believe that God still sits on the throne.

In the beginning, God’s creation was a place of peace; a place where people enjoyed a harmonious relationship with God as they took care of His good creations. But then those people decided that their way was better; they made their own choices. Some decided to build a tower tall enough so that they could climb up to Heaven. Before building this tower, mankind spoke one language and nothing was restrained from them. God watched as they attempted to build the tower and He was displeased. Soon He came down and confounded their language so that they could not understand one another’s speech. Then He scattered them abroad upon the face of all the earth; and they were not able to finish the tower. This is how the tower Babel, got its name; the people could not complete the building of the tower because they could not understand each other. As a result, this led to them babbling to each other which got them nowhere. This is when their relationship with God, with each other and with His creations became tainted by sin and death. In addition, pain, struggle, devastation, and heartbreak were on the rise. God wanted to restore His creation, so He chose a group of people– Israel, to bring His love to the world. But Israel struggled to be a part of the solution; instead they continued the problem. God wasn’t finished, so He sent His only son Jesus to come into the world as Israel’s Messiah—their King. He came to be what humans were meant to be; what Israel was called to be; to be the world’s King and Savior. Jesus confronted sin and death and defeated them both.

While we may be in the midst of a dark situation at this time; we are not called to ignore this darkness. Just as God corrected the problem with the Tower of Babel; when it is time to change the world issues, He will. We are all in this together and God is in control.