The Benefits of a Patient Advocate in a Hospital Setting By Katherine Young

Have you or a loved one ever had to go to the hospital? When you got there, did you feel like you were being treated unfairly or that your questions were not being answered with fidelity? While hospitals are not responsible to inform you, know that you have a right to request a patient advocate to help you gain a better understanding of your rights, in particular, when dealing with health care experiences.

Here is a brief explanation of what a healthcare patient advocate is and how they can be of assistance to you in the hospital when you need a nonbiased voice to sort through all of the bureaucracy of the medical field.

As defined at the website “The Assertive Patient,” a patient advocate is a hospital employed individual that “advocates support and promote patients’ rights as they navigate the health care system.”

Here are some benefits of utilizing a patient advocate in a healthcare setting:

  • They are competent to help guide you through all of the health care information and help you to sort out some concrete ideas so that you feel more in control.
  • They can help you research more answers and possible solutions for your questions and concerns.
  • They listen to your complaints and attempt to help you handle them at no cost to you.

A patient advocate can be an invaluable resource when you need to know everything that’s going on related to your healthcare needs. If you find that you need a patient advocate, do not hesitate to contact your doctor or some other qualified employee and request one. It always helps to have someone in your corner with a keen insight when it comes to your health.