C. Lindsay Sealcoating – There’s no job too big or too small – BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT By Jannise Bush

Jannise Bush20160216When asked how he got started, Mr. Lindsay replied, “I got started on a dare.” A friend in the black-topping business suggested he sell his vehicle to get started. However, without selling his vehicle he was able to start his business a year later. Mr. Lindsay learned the business with the help of his friend, eventually bought a truck and started his business with $2,500. His brother, Greg Lindsay has worked alongside him since day one and has been indispensable to the business.

C. Lindsay Sealcoating has been around for 16 years, owned and operated by Calvin Lindsay.

In the seal-coating business, what often happens is people will call me when their asphalt is deteriorating and crumbling. The damage is done at that point, and the asphalt needs to be repaired. Maintenance should begin before deterioration sets into the asphalt to keep the driveway/parking lot in the best possible condition. The maintenance schedule really depends on the type and rate of traffic; heavy traffic causes asphalt to deteriorate faster. The goal ideally should be to invest in regular maintenance with a seal-coat to avoid the high cost of repair later,” said Mr. Lindsay

When asked what advice he would like to give to anyone wanting to start a business he stated: “Persistence, hard work, and never compromising on the quality of your product/service. Always provide high-quality customer service.”

At C. Lindsay Sealcoating, “the price is a sale price, the best price in town for high-quality product and service.” There is no job too big or too small. C. Lindsay Sealcoating is a Christian-based operation built on integrity. For more information, you may contact Calvin Lindsay at (309) 453-8162.


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