“Africa In America” By Gerald A. Fisher

African Americans gross an estimated $1 trillion dollars annually. This makes “Africa in America” one of the top 15 wealthiest nations in the world.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and the largest populated African nation with over 180 million people. What does “Africa in America” have in common with Nigeria? They are both consumer nations. Each nation produces almost nothing compared to what they consume. “Africa in America”, Nigeria and the rest of Africa can be liberated economically through industrialization. It has been stated that, “success will come to those that take the path to industrialization and focus resources on value creation, risk architecture, data governance, analytic excellence and skills development.”

Africa in America” is highly disrespected because African Americans have not united on local, state and national levels. We must begin to take action by making examples of certain establishments who refuse to support our communities economically by refusing to spend our money with them. This has to happen at all levels. There are people in America who want to attempt to continue to brainwash African Americans by saying that they don’t need us and that we need them. Watch and see what will happen when African Americans unite and refuse to buy goods and services from major institutions.

We must begin to build more of our own institutions. We have the power to build any number of factories as well as the power to create more mechanized farms and other technology smart food production facilities. We must begin to develop more of our own brand new city developments and generating our own source of power.

As previously stated, success will come to those who take the path of industrialization and focus resources on value creation. We can create more value to each industry by insuring that each employee has an ownership interest. One of the ways to do this is by establishing an employee stock option plan or an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). We must as well encourage the formation of strong worker controlled unions that promote worker unity and loyalty and invest in training for skills development. A wage reform policy must be in place and there must be a health insurance plan for all workers along with procedures to insure safety for all workers while on the job.

Workers must be taught employee ownership concepts, maintenance culture, the rights of workers to organize and “the miracle of giving to get”. When we make it happen here in Peoria; we can make it happen anywhere.

At this point you may be saying can we really make this change in our communities. Yes, we can do it by faith, works, and love! The missing ingredient for our economic freedom is that we have left God out of the equation for success. We must put God first in our every endeavor. Dedication to God must be first and foremost. This simple act of dedication to God will propel us into our collective and individual destinies and shall cause us to become distinct among men!