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“2016 Vision of a Lifetime” Wedding Planning Made Easy By Michelle D. Sanders

Michelle Sanders photoI wanted to write this article in June after watching a Hallmark Movie called “Perfect Match” starring Danica McKellar. It was about two wedding planners, one a female and the other a male. Naturally, each planner used a different wedding format. He used his “male instinct” but she used a “Vision Board”. What a great way to plan a wedding! And, if you caught the Hallmark Movie – Christmas Detour, starring Candace Cameron Bure, she played a bride-to-be and also used a bridal “Vision Board”. With another New Year of wedding planning and watching movies using Vision Boards I thought I would share these tips and encourage those who are engaged to have goals and a vision of your big day.

Let’s Begin by getting the following items.

Poster Board, single sheet or tri-fold and if that doesn’t work for you purchase a blank art book

Lots of Bridal Magazines

Websites like “Pinterest”

Travel Books

A computer

A color printer if possible (if not “No Worries”)

Glue, Push pins, tape (I use push pins on my personal Vision Board as it’s easier to remove pictures or words)

Now grab your wedding planner or whoever is helping you to plan out your day. Here are some tips of what can go on your board:

Picture of Bride and Groom

Your Wedding dress or a dress you like

Your color scheme put swatches of colors on your board

Bridal Party dresses and Tux selections


Flowers for the bridal party and your bouquet

Backdrop for the church or your reception

The cake you would like

Your shoes

Hair Style

Food to be served



Where you want to Honeymoon

Find words, scriptures or quotes to add to your board

There is no limit as to what you can add to your board. If you are having a hard time finding photos or pictures use the internet, this will eliminate stress and you can have fun while planning. I hope this will help make your planning easier – disclaimer everything is subject to change as in the movies. If you would like to find out more tips follow me on Twitter@impress_divsol or on our Facebook Page “ImpressiveDivaSolutions”. You can submit questions also to and maybe we answer your question in our article.