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Gordon-Booth Votes to Reject Pay Increase

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Jehan Gordon-Booth

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – As work continues on a resolution to the ongoing budget impasse, State Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth, D-Peoria, reaffirmed her commitment to middle-class families today (July 28, 2015) by rejecting a cost of living adjustment for lawmakers.

“As negotiations on the budget continue, lawmakers must keep in mind that families in our communities are struggling with the possibility that services they depend on could close at any minute,” Gordon-Booth said. “It is important that we work together to find ways to save taxpayer dollars, while keeping critical services open.”

This spring, Gordon-Booth voted for a budget that froze legislators’ salaries, including her own and cut wasteful spending, while protecting essential services, including home care for seniors, programs for the developmentally disabled, child care assistance, breast and cervical cancer screenings, and increased funding for local schools.

When the governor recently vetoed the majority of the budget, the comptroller decided to pay lawmakers the cost of living adjustment. To address this problem, Gordon-Booth sponsored HB 576, which eliminates the scheduled cost of living increase for elected officials during the current fiscal year.

“By rejecting a pay increase, legislators are making the right choice and standing with taxpayers,” Gordon-Booth said. “I hope this can be a step forward that brings lawmakers together on a budget for this current fiscal year.”

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