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Believe in a Fresh Start for the School Year — Positive Empowerment for People By Katherine Young

Before the school year begins, my husband and I like to take time out to talk to our children about their school goals for the upcoming school year. My 8-year old daughter enthusiastically proclaimed that she was going to be “raining down A’s all day” and my son agreed by saying he wanted to earn all A’s throughout the school year as well. We further discussed what extracurricular activities they wanted to participate in and to remind them about their academic expectations: be prepared, focused, a positive learner and leader, and to remember that they should do their very best at all times.

Do not underestimate the power of conversation with your child about their education. Regardless of any setbacks that may have occurred in the past, let your child know that they have a fresh start this school year to make it one of their best school years. Proverbs 18:21 says that “the power of the tongue is life and death— those who love to talk will eat what it produces” (ISV). Teach your child now to produce positivity—that whatever they believe about themselves will happen—and steer them to believe that they can do whatever good God has placed inside of them. As parents, you must believe that God has much greatness in store for your child and that He will give you guidance and wisdom to train them up to make good decisions academically and in other areas of their life.

Everyone makes mistakes but do not get hung up on the errors; instead, learn and live in the lessons. Believe that a refreshing spirit for a positive school year can truly energize you as a parent and your child. Take time out to discuss and even write down school goals so that your child feels a sense of accomplishment when he or she realizes that when they put their mind to doing great things, they will produce greatness. Trust and believe that with Jesus Christ on your side, being consistent, prepared, a positive leader and learner, you can truly make this school year one of your best.