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“The Value of Time” — Chronicles of the Bynum Bond By Larry and Breona Bynum

Often times we don’t think about TIME until it’s either too late or not that important to us. The world has some of us distracted when it comes to TIME. As a husband, I have come to terms about TIME: I don’t compete with social media, TV, or people. I take into consideration that every second counts. I believe if there weren’t so many distractions, a lot of people would be better off in their relationships. I remember a time where there wasn’t any social media and we all chose our time wisely without some of those distractions. Everyone was a lot closer to each other, but now with all this technology, everyone is focused on their electronic devices, decreasing family TIME. We live in a TIME where catching up on reality TV, working extended hours, and all the social media is seen as more important than family.

Marriage is supposed to be fun; not a competition or a burden on each other. I want to express to others this simple fact: we don’t get TIME back. Why not invest TIME with God, your spouse, kids, and family? If we don’t invest in the important things, we will fall to this earth-cursed system. Ever since I have been in the fire service, I’ve experienced some serious injuries and situations that made me realize how valuable it is to spend TIME with my family. One scripture related to this that stands out the most to me is “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own,”(Matthew 6:34-NIV). Oftentimes, people say there are not enough hours in a day, but in reality, that’s not the case. I believe if there were more hours in a day we would still get the same results. We can’t live with excuses when it comes to TIME with our family. I challenge you to set aside some of the technology distractions or anything else that may be draining an unnecessary amount of your time and spend it with God and the people that are important to you because once your time is gone, you can’t go back and get it.