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DEAR MOM: Unsolved Murdered Victim By Yolanda Wallace

Each year the number of deaths from gun violence across the United States rises at an alarming rate. This heartfelt piece was written in an effort to stir the hearts of our young children about dying from gun violence, gone to soon. It is a letter from an unsolved murdered victim speaking from the grave.  “Who Killed Me?”

Dear Mom,

I’m sad because I’m not there to spend birthdays or holidays with you because somebody picked up a gun and chose to take things in their own hands. Some would say the devil made them do it but no Mom; it was the hating or maybe the jealousy that I was doing something with my life like working. It could have been because they wanted my new Jordan’s or they wanted my girl/guy or they wanted to come up because they couldn’t make their own money so they robbed me to take mine.

Mom, in the streets it’s like the crab effect. As soon as a person starts trying to get out the streets everybody starts to pull them down. Some of them don’t know how to get out. Everyone they’re around is at risk to be killed if they’re hustling.

What’s even sadder is that I won’t ever get to enjoy kids and watch them grow up. Mom who’s going to protect them from the streets, from the drugs, alcohol, pill popping and all the other addictive behaviors? Mom, to all those left behind, tell them to change before it’s too late!

Are all their leaders going to be six foot under? Is anybody thinking about the future? Mom, I’m sorry that I made you cry, sorry that I didn’t change my surroundings and make better choices. I wish I had gone to school where education is freedom and dreams can come true.

I watched the funeral and all the people that came. I thought most of them were my friends, but when it came down to it, to speak up and tell for me… They went silent and acted like they didn’t see anything.

Mom whatever you do keep fighting for me. Don’t ever let them forget about me. All who played a role please bring them to justice and find out who killed me?

I love you Mom!

Unsolved murdered victim

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