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NFL Fashion – Interview Ready – What Items to Splurge On

NFL Fashion

Emeicka Johnson - Fashion Forward2As the weather begins to cool down, football consumes the majority of our lives. Many of us look forward to attending NFL games. Please keep in mind that you are no longer allowed to carry purses inside a NFL stadium. You must use a clear plastic bag. So please leave your “good” purse at home or you will not be allowed entry into the stadium.

More and more women are becoming consumers of NFL merchandise. Women make up nearly 50% of NFL fans. Up until a few years ago women did not have much of a variety to choose from in NFL apparel. Now women have more choices to display their love for the sport too. If you are a NFL fan a great way to “jazz” up your jersey is to add rhinestone. Encrusting your favorite player’s name and number with rhinestone is a great way to add spice to your apparel. Beads, feathers, and sequins are great options too! Check out your local Hobby Lobby for supplies and have fun!

Interview Ready

The objective is to always be prepared for a job interview wardrobe-wise. Many jobs allow “business casual” attire which usually consists of khakis, chinos and shirts with a collar. I would recommend investing in one pantsuit that can be worn many ways. If you are on a tight budget consider buying a black blazer from JC Penney “Worthington” collection and purchasing black “Worthington” slacks. Both items can be purchased for less than $60.00. If possible use store coupons. If you are just starting a job and your budget is tight, trust me I understand! It would be wise to keep at least 2 pairs of relaxed fitting slacks in your wardrobe (refrain from tight-fitting slacks) along with a blazer and a few collared blouses. This way you can alternate blouses and switch up with slacks and you should be able to get through the work week looking presentable. I would also suggest investing in a pair of Oxford shoes with laces and a pair of slip on’s. Makeup and hairstyle should be subtle. Tip: If you are not currently in the job market I suggest keeping a pair of new slacks and a crisp white blouse in your wardrobe and encourage you to try them on periodically. One of the worst feelings is to have an interview and your slacks are to snug!

What items should you splurge on?

Nowadays everyone is pinching their pennies trying to get the most bang for their buck! Jeans are an investment; with the proper wash and fit, your denim can last for years. I would suggest a medium wash with a straight leg to be able to get the most bang for your buck! Colored denim and distressed denim should be reserved for sale prices.

A quality shoe should be next on your list to splurge on. If you do a lot of walking on the job invest in a quality shoe. A well crafted high quality shoe is an investment and with proper care and cleaning, you are guaranteed to get your money worth.

A nice designer handbag is worth the investment. If possible opt for something classic that can be worn for decades. Coach is a nice affordable brand that is guaranteed to last you for decades. Remember the bag you splurge on today may be discontinued or a rare find in the future so choose wisely. Ask yourself will you carry this bag every day? Does this bag compliment the majority of my wardrobe? Happy Shopping!